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Project Guidelines for One-Time Projects

Here's what to expect when working with us! 

Project Milestones

  1. Create a draft

First, we will create a V1 draft of your website using the text and photos provided to us. We will edit text for grammar/readability, add more and source new photos where needed to make your website look professional and trustworthy. You are welcome to provide text (bullet points are okay!) or we can source it from competitor websites (don’t worry, we’ll rephrase and put it in our own words so they’ll never know) Please note your project may not require everything listed here 😃👍

  1. Revisions 

Once the first draft is done I’ll send it to you for review. You are invited to report your notes/revisions. Your notes and revisions should be listed out (numbered or bullet points) and sent in 1 email. You will have 2 rounds of revisions at this stage. Two rounds of revisions is normally plenty, but if you need more you can purchase additional rounds at $149 each.

  1. Website goes live 

After your final approval, I will complete anything else needed to make the site live and up to normal functionality standards. This includes making it viewable on your smartphone. 

Please note: Once we have passed a milestone, we prefer that we do not revisit that milestone. This ensures a smooth and efficient project.



Payment Schedule

If your project is quoted $749 or less, full payment is required prior to beginning your project. If your project is quoted 750 or more, your payment may be completed in two intervals if the website is transferred to the Brightside Studios servers or Wix account. All payments can use payment plans through Klarna. By using Klarna, you can split payments into four equal intervals, pay them off in 30 days, or arrange for longer-term financing. Klarna users should seek payment information from Klarna, and not our company. Learn more about Klarna. Recurring, monthly, or subscription payments will be placed on autopay and automatically billed to the customers bank. To update your billing preferences, contact us or login.

Revisions Policy
Your project will receive 2 rounds of revisions. You may purchase additional rounds separately at $149 per round.

After receiving a new version, you are invited to send your revisions. Revisions should be listed out in one email and sent within one week of receiving a new version. Once your revisions have been received, we will begin working on them and a second version will be sent to you within 3-5 business days on average. If you’re having difficulty explaining your revisions, please tell us and we will recommend tools that will help you explain your notes. If you need more time to write your notes let us know. If you do not report revisions within 1 week and we don’t hear from you, it will be assumed that you have no other revisions and we will proceed to the next milestone.

Communication Policy
Once your project has started, communication is best kept to email. This helps us keep track of tasks so that we never miss a note. We strive for a streamlined project, that’s why it’s important that we receive a response from you within 7 days. 


Please do not open your website editor for the duration of your project.
When any additional windows are open it may prevent us from saving new work. If you require additional tools for communicating changes or modifications, please mark up screenshots or record Loom videos at If these tools do not suffice, please tell us and we will recommend alternatives. 

Thank you for your interest in working with us! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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