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SaaS Starter Site - Sell Automatic Likes for Instagram

SaaS website that sells automatic likes for Instagram | Passive Subscription Business that is Highly Automated ✅ Great Process ✅Low Cost ✅ Low Expenses ✅ High Profit Margin ✅ Ready to Scale ✅

This is an internet marketing and growth Starter Site that provides automatic likes to Instagram profiles on a monthly subscription. Users can also purchase followers as a one-time fee.

This is COVID-19 proof as it is a cloud-based SaaS business. Assets you will receive with your purchase:

  1. Wix website

  2. account

  3. Domain through Go Daddy

  4. Service provider account

  5. Marketing assets (logo, branding, ad artwork, etc)

The buyer will also receive post-sale support and training (see Seller Notes below for details)

2. Opportunities (areas you could improve upon)

  • Add other platforms such as Tik Tok, Twitch, Twitter, etc.

  • Build out the blog for SEO and get leads via Google search

  • Provide free trials to influencers in exchange for shoutouts

  • Implement a partner / referral network

  • Market to more agencies/social media managers and sell subscriptions in bulk

  • Upgrade to a cheaper service provider

  • Add more one-time up-sells

3. Operating the business This business was designed to be simple and scaleable. It is 90% automated and the only day to day work you need to do is enter the new customers name into the service provider when they come in (takes less than 10 seconds to do) Here's an overview of the journey....

  1. Lead enters the site and purchases a plan through the payment widget (pricing page) this processes payment through the automated billing platform Paywhirl. Before check out, they are presented an up-sell to purchase followers for an additional one-time fee (98% of new users purchase the up-sell)

  2. Payments are processed through Stripe (you can change this to Braintree or and you will receive an email once they finish check out. This is how you're notified of a new sale.

  3. Your new customer will then receive an automated welcome email telling them everything they need to know.

  4. You then have 24-hours to enter the new customers instagram profile into the service provider for their fulfillment to start. Once you do this you're done!

Customers have the option for text message support (this is a huge differentiator for us) which is done through Google Voice. Buyer will need to set this up. The estimated time commitment per week to run this business is less than 1 hour in addition to your effort to grow it. 4. Potential Customers This Starter Site can service anyone who has an Instagram profile. In 2020, Instagram was reported to have close to 112.5 million users. Customers could be a business, brand, influencer, musician, artist, etc.

5. Financials There is a 50%-100% profit margin depending on the service. Significant growth is forecasted since experts are on record saying there is an increase in ecommerce purchases due to covid.

Domain name valued by Go Daddy.

Low expenses: $18/mo Wix premium, $18/yr domain. The service providers cost is built into each sale.

Optionally, $11/year Zoho mail (if you want custom emails)

6. Purchase this Starter Site on Flippa If you would like to purchase this business, you can either bid or buy now. Payment must be sent within 24 hours of winning this listing. Please do due diligence, and ask all your questions before winning this listing. Bids cannot be retracted (this is a Flippa rule)

7. Benefits of a Starter Site Starter sites are perfect for someone who is new to eCommerce or entrepreneurship because it takes less time to get up and running. Throughout the years, I've made a ton of mistakes and spent a lot of money figuring out how to build a successful eCommerce business. With a starter site, you skip the building part and go straight to the growing part. Very little technical skills is required (there is light HTML coding in email templates, but I can teach you this) Also, since this website is already established, it already has pages indexed by Google which bypasses the Google Sandbox term. A starter site is perfect for you if....

  • You're new to eCommerce or entrepreneurship

  • You want to start your own business but have limited funds or time to build one from the ground up.

  • You want to practice or experiment with various marketing strategies before implementing them in another business

  • You want to flip businesses (buy a business for low, then grow it, and sell it for a higher price)

  • You don't know where to start in your entrepreneurship career. With this business, you receive direct support and training from someone who has helped grow many million-dollar businesses.

8. Seller Notes This business is ready to scale quickly. All it needs is someone with an entrepreneurial fire who is ready to take it on.

Included with the purchase you will receive custom video trainings explaining how to operate the business. I am also available any time via email for one-off questions, or we can schedule a video call.

Please note that this design/layout is not unique and there is at least 1 other site using it. The service provider is a white label SaaS made available to entrepreneurs like you so you can grow your business and client base. There is at least 1 other website using this service provider. As long as you take action, obtain the most qualified traffic, and get your leads to convert into sales, you will grow this business to where you want it to be. There are many people in the world and some countries who are just now allowing Instagram. Now is your opportunity to take advantage of this fruitful market!

If you have any questions at all feel free to message me.

This Starter Site is available

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