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Resume Generator SaaS Starter Site

Purchase a start-up template today. This SaaS site generates resumes from recruiter-approved templates. That's passive Income!

SaaS startup template sells resume templates. It's a passive subscription model business that is...

  • Highly Automated ✅

  • Great Process ✅

  • Low Cost ✅

  • Low Expenses ✅

  • High Profit Margin ✅

  • Ready to Scale ✅

Our resume generator starter site is a service that helps people organize their resume in a recruiter-approved template.

About the product:

Our resume template is proven to help increase readability for todays modern job market. We make it easy to organize your details in our user friendly form then, once submitted, we'll place them into a new resume template and share the link via Google Docs. You now own the document and can add, remove, or revise these details as you need throughout your career.

Assets you will receive with your starter site purchase:

  1. Wix website

  2. account

  3. Domain through Go Daddy (Valued at over $1k)

  4. Service provider account

  5. Marketing assets (logo, branding, etc)

The buyer will also receive post-sale support and training (see Seller Notes below for details)

2. Opportunities (areas you could improve upon)

  • Add more resume templates

  • Add cover letter templates

  • Add more services like copywriting, job alerts, career coaching, etc.

  • Build out the blog for SEO and get leads via Google search

  • Provide free trials to influencers in exchange for shoutouts

  • Implement a parter / referral network

  • Market to recruiters to promote it by word of mouth

3. Operating the business

This business was designed to be simple and scaleable and to be operated by 1 support person. Day to day operations are 100% automated and the only work you need to do is answering the occasional support email. This gives you more time to grow your business. Here's an overview of the journey....

  1. Lead enters the site and purchases through the payment widget (pricing page) the billing is done through Paywhirl. NOTE: This billing platform is very versatile and you can easily add up-sells or cross-sells at this point in the customer journey.

  2. Payments are processed through Stripe (you can change this to Braintree or and you will receive an email after each check out. This is how you're notified of a new sale. After paying, the customer is brought to a page that has a form where they enter their resume details. They also receive a branded email thanking them for their purchase.

  3. Once they submit the form, they receive another email with a direct link to their new resume as a Google Doc.

4. Potential Customers

This starter site can service anyone who is looking for a job. Due to covid, there is a large influx of job seekers who will be around for a while.

As of July 2020, the number of unemployed persons was 16.3 million (USA).

Customers could be office workers, babysitters, laborers, contractors, looking for part-time, full-time, etc.

5. Financials

Low expenses: $17/mo Wix premium, $18/yr domain.

Domain name valued by Go Daddy at over $1k.

There is no cost to fulfill orders because fulfillment currently uses a service provider on a freemium plan. The only expenses are to keep the website live and operating - there is a paid version of the service provider when you grow the site large enough to need it. When needed, the premium version is $19.99/mo.

Significant growth is forecasted since experts are on record saying there is an increase in ecommerce purchases due to covid.

6. Terms of Purchase

If you would like to purchase this business, you can either bid or buy now on Flippa. Payment must be sent within 24 hours of winning this listing. Please do due diligence, and ask all your questions before winning this listing. Bids cannot be retracted (this is a Flippa rule)

7. Benefits of a Starter Site

Starter sites are perfect for someone who is new to eCommerce or entrepreneurship because it takes less time to get up and running. Throughout the years, I've made a ton of mistakes and spent a lot of money figuring out how to build a successful eCommerce business. With a starter site, you skip the building part and go straight to the growing part. Very little technical skills is required (there is light HTML coding in email templates and data routing in the service provider, but I can teach you these) Also, since this website is already built, it already has pages indexed by Google which bypasses the Google Sandbox term.

A starter site is perfect for you if....

  • You're new to eCommerce or entrepreneurship

  • You want to start your own business but have limited funds or time to build one from the ground up.

  • You want to practice or experiment with various marketing strategies before implementing them in another business

  • You want to flip businesses (buy a business for low, then grow it, and sell it for a higher price)

  • You don't know where to start in your entrepreneurship career. With this business, you receive direct support and training from someone who has helped grow million-dollar businesses.

8. Seller Notes

This business is ready to scale quickly. All it needs is someone with an entrepreneurial fire who is ready to take it on.

Included with the purchase you will receive custom video trainings explaining how to operate the business. I am also available any time via email for one-off questions, or we can schedule a video call.

Please note that this design/layout is not unique and there is at least 1 other site using it. The service provider is a freemium SaaS made available to entrepreneurs like you so you can grow your business and client base. Once this business grows, I suggest upgrading to the paid version so you can build out even more!

As long as you take action, obtain the most qualified traffic, and get your leads to convert into sales, you will grow this business to where you want it to be. There are many people in the world that have been laid-off due to the impact COVID-19 has had on our economy. Now they need to revamp their resume. This is your opportunity to help them, and take advantage of this fruitful market!

If you have any questions at all feel free to message me.

9. About the Seller

Hi, my name is Alex. I'm a serial developer based in New York, USA. I work full time in my tech agency helps old school businesses get online. I'm a fan of passive, recurring revenue model businesses that scale with ease. Today, you have the opportunity to purchase a website that I would rather sell than build. I simply do not have the time to give this business the effort it needs to grow.

**Be sure to Watch My Profile for more SaaS and automated fulfillment website opportunities in the future. Click WATCH SELLER on my profile**


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