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New name, more services 👍

Brightside Studios New York Web Design and Marketing for Service Professionals Logo

In the bustling world of digital innovation, our vibrant agency has always been known as eBiz Select. We’ve delivered top-notch services to our clients for many years, helping businesses thrive in the online realm. However, as time passed and our team grows, we found our name no longer fully captures the essence of what our agency has become. After much thought and reflection, we decided to rebrand ourselves as Brightside Marketing and Design.

Our new brand was created because it symbolizes our commitment to honesty, trust, and integrity in all that we do. Just like how a bright side perspective always brings light and positivity to a situation, Brightside Marketing and Design aims to bring transparency and reliability to our client relationships. With the new name in place, the team at Brightside continues to excel in our work, now with a renewed sense of purpose and identity, and more services to offer.

We have more tools to help you increase sales and simplify running your business. These tools include SMS automations to prevent lead loss, automated sales pipelines to convert leads into sales, conversational AI to answer questions and enhance customer satisfaction, and other specialized tools for the professional services industry. Keep an eye out for our emails where we will delve deeper into these topics, or head to to chat about it.

And so, the story of eBiz Select transforming into Brightside Marketing and Design became a tale of growth, evolution, and staying true to one's principles in the ever-changing landscape of technology.

Legal: Brightside Studios LLC


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