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Lucrative Strategies to Keep Your Small Business Afloat During the Rest of the Pandemic

Lucrative Strategies to Keep Your Small Business Afloat During the Rest of the Pandemic

Guest Article by Derek Goodman

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The pandemic came with unexpected consequences for businesses. Even some of the biggest corporations in the world weren’t spared its impacts. Yet there might be a bright side to the madness we all endured as the changes implemented could offer significant advantages as we move forward.

Implement Key Changes

Countless small business owners across the world faced similar challenges as the crisis challenged the economy. To stay afloat, entrepreneurs adapted on the go and found creative ways to change the way they operate. If you want to continue to maximize your chances of surviving — and even succeeding — you need to always be prepared to make upgrades to your business from the inside out.

Up Your Digital Presence

Among the biggest challenges that small businesses experienced during the worst part of the pandemic involved on-site operations. Notably, companies had to close to the public, reduce occupancy, and increase sanitization efforts to obey state and federal orders. Because of these, many startups rapidly shifted their operations to the virtual space.

In terms of digitalization this is a reminder that you may need to constantly refresh your landing pages, spruce up or even start social media accounts, and implement one or more e-commerce options. You can do almost anything online, and consumers are now more comfortable doing everything from their homes, from telehealth to buying groceries. Digital presence is one of the biggest opportunities for small businesses, so ensure you are on every relevant platform.

Also, a well-designed website can save your business and make it easier to sell your products or services. Offer your customers multiple purchase options and payment methods. A website redesign or business rebrand can also help bring a breath of fresh air to your business and your employees. (DID YOU KNOW? The team at specialize in these full service projects)

Learn to Pivot

The fluctuating economy and ever-changing rules of the pandemic taught us that you need to learn how to pivot — sometimes, you’ll need to adopt a new strategy overnight. Pivoting can be something as simple as changing your platform from software to a mobile app, or it can be something as large as modifying your entire business model.

Try Affiliate Marketing

Always look for new ways to earn an income. For example, it may be a fantastic opportunity to offer your existing customers a chance to earn commissions for the referrals they provide — this will help increase your sales and strengthen customer loyalty.

Take Advantage of Hard Times

The pandemic taught us that hard times don’t have to spell gloom and doom for your small business. In fact, they can be the ideal time to ensure your marketing and advertising channels and strategies are relevant and practical to the prevailing business climate going forward.


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