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Free Custom Websites for New York’s Restaurants and other Non-Essential Businesses

Non-essential businesses are eligible for a free website and local marketing campaigns courtesy of this upper-east side digital agency.

Alex Fusaro walks into his upper-east side home / office which is a combination that has become all too familiar to New Yorkers this past year. Sporting shorts and a tee shirt, he powers up his computer and gets to work on 10 free custom websites for restaurants and other non-essential businesses through the digital agency eBiz Select.

“Our goal is to help 50 restaurants have their best summer ever” says Alex Fusaro, owner of the digital agency. As restrictions are being lifted, many people are seeing this as a fresh start and businesses are following suit. It’s not surprising to see renovations, new menus, or other ways businesses have been forced to pivot as they approach the new July 1st reopening goal for all of New York City (recently proposed by Mayor Bill De Blasio). A fresh start online is just as popular. Businesses who apply for the new website program could receive a custom website (valued at $2,000) and marketing campaigns (valued at $500) to help the business push forward more quickly. “Now that things are starting to open up, we need to get money into the economy fast. We need to get people into these businesses” says Alex, which is exactly what he hopes to do with this new initiative.

The team at eBiz Select has managed to keep expenses low which helped the firm stay afloat during the pandemic. “Not every business is capable of doing this because of restrictions. We’re very lucky. Which is why we want to give back.” To cut costs, Alex handles most of the website design himself and the agency partners with SaaS companies like MailChimp to automate the website's marketing. “Basically, each facet handles itself” Alex says, while explaining the system he and his team use to complete each new website build. “We customize each website to your business colors and culture. Then, as you receive more customers, the business can capitalize on their engagement with these customers [with their new marketing tools]” Which keeps customers coming back at higher rates than normal.

To learn more or to apply for the free website program, visit

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(631) 813-0272


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