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How to avoid being overwhelmed with too many projects while maintaining consistent work!

When I started helping service-based businesses with their Google Ads, I often heard that they were scared of being overwhelmed by the leads they'd get. It makes sense — feeling overwhelmed is not fun to deal with. It leads to stress, burnout, and a decline in our work quality, potentially causing careless mistakes.

I experienced this myself back in the day.

But it’s also no fun to be on a rollercoaster with your new customer flow. Too many one month, crickets the next. So, let's talk about how we can change things….

Let’s get you consistent leads. And YOU control how many you get each month. No more feast or famine. No more being swamped one week and twiddling your thumbs the next.

You know how many projects you can handle each month, so let's set your lead faucet to drip accordingly! Only want two projects monthly? No problem, we'll keep it low. Hired a new crew and now you have capacity for five new projects each month? Great, let's dial it up.

This is exactly what we’re doing at Brightside Marketing and Design for our clients. We do this right now for savvy service-based businesses who are ready to crack the code of unpredictability. If you feel it's time to take control, shoot me a message! Your future self (and your stress levels) will thank you.

Who's ready to stabilize their new project flow? Let's talk!


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